How To Install Bash On WIndows 10

Fact, times are changing for Windows Developers. A lot of innovation is coming from the open-source world and Microsoft has stood up and taken notice. Case and point, Bash is officially a part of Windows 10. I know, crazy right?

WTF factor aside, it is actually are great thing.

  • It lessens the price of entry for those Linux developers looking to dip there toes in the .NET world.
  • It helps unify the language web-developers speak across Windows and Linux.
    • Think of it this way, how often do you see "C:\>" in favor of "$" in modern web tooling documentation.
  • Provides large set of tools to up our productivity game.
  • Removes the need to install third party SSH clients.

My particular want for using Bash natively in windows came from the need to SSH into Linux servers. More specifically, now that ASP.NET Core is cross platform, I wanted to deploy this site ( on a Linux machine.

Alright, are you sold yet? If so, follow these simple steps and you will be up and running in no time.

Activate Developer Mode

  1. Hit the Windows Key and type (search) " For Developer Settings".
  2. Under the " Use developer features", select the " Developer mode" radio button. Developer Mode
  3. Once selected you will be prompted to verify you want to " Turn on developer mode". Click Yes. Verify Selection .
  4. Let Windows do its thing and when asked to reboot, reboot.

Install Linux Subsystem

  1. Hit the Windows Key and type (search) " Turn Windows features on or off". Windows Features
  2. Select " Windows Subsystem for Linux" and click OK.
  3. Again, let Windows do its thing. Once prompted to restart, restart.

Installing Ubuntu on Windows

  1. Hit the Windows Key, type (search) " bash.exe" and launch it.
  2. You will be asked to verify you want to install Ubuntu by typing " y" to continue. Type " y" and hit enter. Ubuntu Setup
    • At this point Windows will again work its magic and install a native subsystem of Ubuntu on Windows. Super cool stuff!
    • Once done, it will ask you to provide a username and password.

Firing up Bash

  1. Hit the Windows Key, type (search) for "bash.exe" and launch it. Bash

That is it, your very own native Bash CLI running on a distro of Ubuntu in Windows! Oh how far we have come!